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Welcome to Gavan Supplies


Formed in 1979 Gavan has progressed from a van sales operation into a daily pre-order delivery 


service. Our main focus is to surpass the aspirations of our Customers. With a wide range of stock in 


our Weymouth based Depot we can provide you with all your non food requirements in most 


instances the very same day.


Our extensive product range is continually growing which demonstrates the understanding we have 


to meet the requirements of our customers. If we don’t stock it then we will source it!


We have long working relationships with all the leading manufacturers in the industry which enables 


us to compete on price and offer the most cost effective methods to help our customers cost save.


The quality of our chemicals is another area we pride ourselves in. All supported with the relevant 


COSHH safety data sheets our products are sure to make a difference in your business.


So if you are looking for a professional and reliable supply partner then please give us a call, we will 


be happy to hear from you, or simply fill in the form below.






Please use the form below to contact us with your requirements and any questions or give us a call on 01305 787711

Feel free to put in your top 10 products and we will happily quote you

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